Success Stories


I have been helping people with cancer, since 1991 using a cancer natural remedy ( cancer alternative treatment). During these years I have seen miraculous results with using “Ojibwa”herbal formula (Ojibwa tea).  

The Ojibwa herbal formula (Ojibwa tea) helps the body heal itself as evidenced by: tumors disappear, bleeding stops, pain is eliminated, malnutrition is restored, ulcers disappear, Hepatitis C gives negative results.  The following are but a few summaries of what I have seen happening in people’s lives.

Tumors Disappear

Tom, had cancer in the throat, “the size of a golf ball”.  He was receiving radiation treatment from Stanford when he started on the “Tea.” The “Tea” may be taken along with standard medical procedures.  Within two weeks the tumor was reduced to the size of a dime. In less than two months he was free of cancer.

Lil D., age 62, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer “the size of a lemon with tentacles growing around it”.  She was placed directly into hospital for surgical removal.  The next morning she developed emphysema, which made surgery impossible. She was sent home to die.  She had known about the “Tea” and came to me for help.  One month after taking the “Tea” she went to Davis Medical Center, where she was found to be free from cancer. This was a miracle since most people have taken two to three months for such results.


Jesse D., age 90, was operated for colon cancer. A year later, she suddenly started hemorrhaging and was taken to the hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Jesse refused a second operation and wanted to leave the hospital. I was asked to talk to her and she agreed to remain in the hospital until the bleeding stopped. She was loosing two pints a day. Her granddaughter took the ”Tea” to her while in the hospital. Fifteen hours after she started taking the tea, the bleeding totally stopped.  Jesse went home, took the “Tea” and was free of cancer in three months.


The “Tea” works to eliminate pain. Everyone I helped to date has been pain free in two or three days, no more morphine.

A retired American living in Mexico with his wife was diagnosed with esophageal and liver cancer and given a very short time to live. We met and discussed his situation. He wanted to give it a go and started on the “Tea.” Within two days he was free of pain and off the morphine. Sadly though, his esophagus was so far destroyed that he could no longer eat and died in three weeks. This was a totally unnecessary loss. If he had been aware of alternatives earlier his life would probably have been saved. Regardless, his wife told me, "it was OK, at least he had no pain”.

I’ve learned that once a vital organ is destroyed, there is nothing that can save the person.

Me Too

In 1997 I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate and testicles. I had known for a few months something was not right. I was very uncomfortable! I had no fear. I knew the cancer would be eliminated once I started the “Tea.” So, I just kind of ignored it until the situation became intolerable. My prostate got so enlarged that I couldn’t have a bowel movement.   (I will not go into detail; after all it is me I am talking about) I realized that I could have died from the side effects (toxemia) and not the cancer itself. I started to take my “own medicine,” the Ojibwa tea. In one month, I was declared free of cancer.

Never Too Late

In 1997 a young fourteen years old Canadian, was sent home to die. They had done all they could and gave him two weeks to live.

I was asked to help and was reluctant due to the short amount of time.  It took one week to get the Ojibwa tea to him. He is alive and well today.

Other Areas of Success

The Ojibwa herbal formula (Ojibwa tea) helps the body heal itself so that : Cancerous malnutrition is restored;  Ulcers disappear;  Hepatitis C tests negative;  Fibromyalgia symptoms vanish;  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is eliminated.

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