Alternative Cancer Treatments


Cancer Alternative Treatment include: Oxygen Therapy, Laetrile, Essiac, Ojibwa tea, Gerson Therapy, Hemp GGGG. These natural treatments provide what the human body needs to heal itself (self healing). The body is the healer, these foods and herbs are tools the human body is programed to use to repair itself.
Where medical science reached its limits, alternative methods opened new avenues of healing and hope.

Nature's way:
Human beings have been turning to nature for solutions to a large array of problems, since their advent on planet earth. The development of incurable diseases like cancer, stimulated intense research. The traditional medical world succumbed to cures which increased the suffering and destroyed humans' hope for healing. The American Medical Association's published success rate for people with cancer is less than 5%.

Refusing to give up hope, humanitarian professionals turned to nature for healing formulas. Alternative Treatments were revealed. Here is a short description of four such alternative treatments, which have been proven successful. The success rate for cancer sufferers reaches an encouraging 90%. These methods are available only in a few countries.

Oxygen Therapy

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery that the cause for cancer was the lack of oxygen at the cellular level. In 1953, the National Cancer Institute endorsed Dr. Warburg's findings.

The cancer agent is anaerobic, which means it can only live in the absence of oxygen. Exposing the malignant cells to oxygen will kill the cancerous growth.

Most disease-causing viruses are anaerobic. They can only live where there is a low level of oxygen. When our blood's oxygen carrying capacity increase to 60% of its optimum level, anaerobic viruses are killed. This has been known for quite some time.


Laetrile is a substance extracted from apricot pits. It needs to be injected into the blood stream of a person with cancer.
The cancer cells contain an enzyme, which breaks down the Laetrile and release cyanide. Cyanide is a poisonous substance, which kills the cell.
The injected Laetrile travels throughout the body. The cancer cells break it down. The resulting cyanide kills the cell in which it was released. Healthy body cells are not affected, because they do not contain the enzymes that break down Laetrile.

Certain enzymes in many foods break down Laetrile. Taken by mouth, as pills for instance, Laetrile might be broken down inside the stomach releasing cyanide. This might lead to Cyanide Poisoning, which can be fatal.

In the United States of America, 18 states have legalized the manufacture, sale, and use of Laetrile.


Gerson Therapy

this site provides information that may lead you in the right direction to heal maladies within your body. The list of treatments, at the end indicate Essiac, once again, the herbs we provide are the most aggressive, and do work well while doing the Gerson diet.

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This is a company that is starting small and has many products to reveal in the near future, I am NOT an MLM junkie, and when I see a product that has tremendous potential for the well being of people, I will jump on board.


We believe that the Nature possesses all the answers for a healthy life. Will we learn and use them wisely?

Human beings are endowed with the capacity to choose for themselves. Each person is responsible for his/her own body and the choices he/she makes. Given the right ingredients and conditions, the body balances and heals itself.

We challenge the reader to educate him/herself, and make responsible choices. We have a choice to choose nature above the synthetic. We have a choice to choose alternatives to scientific methods when they don't work.

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